Introducing Cumulus VX – Open Networking at Your Terms

Introducing Cumulus VX – Open Networking at Your Terms

Gentile Partner,
Cumulus Networks ha annunciato il rilascio di Cumulus VX, una virtual appliance che permetterà a cloud administrator e network engineer di avere preview & test della tecnologia Cumulus a costo zero!
Di seuito il testo dell’annuncio mentre maggiori informazioni sono a vostra disposizoone qui:

Cumulus VX is a community-supported virtual appliance designed to simulate the traditional Cumulus Networks technology environment. Available at zero cost, it provides a new way for cloud administrators and network engineers to learn open networking concepts, prototype network operations and develop custom applications at their own pace and in their own environment.
Cumulus VX operates without the need for bare metal switches or specialized hardware and runs on all popular hypervisors eliminating economic and organizational barriers to preview and test open networking technology.

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Cumulus Networks demystifies the complexity of networking and enables better, faster, easier networks to support your business. Our network operating system, Cumulus® Linux®, allows you to build and operate your network [...]

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